As a new decade dawns in 2020, we can see, clearly, that eyesight is the most important of our senses, the one on which we continue to become more and more dependent.


an initiative of the NH Optometric Association

Our daily lives are now filled with an amazing variety of visual inputs, not just from nature but also from myriad electronic inputs – huge flashing signs at the side of the road and at sports and entertainment venues – large screen televisions in our homes – the smaller screens on our desktop workstations – all the way down to the ubiquitous small screens we carry everywhere in our pockets and on our wrists.

Your eyes are working harder than they ever did in the past, continually changing focus in order to keep up with these inputs.

Your eyes are also susceptible to a variety of somatic (“of your body”) conditions that can affect how you see the world. You are certainly aware of the importance of your eyesight, but are you aware of the many physical and medical conditions that can lead to vision disruption and loss?

Currently, vision loss in the United States is projected to more than double by the year 2050.

Unfortunately, preventive vision care is frequently overlooked. So the goals of this website and overall information campaign by members of the NH Optometric Association are to educate you about threats to good vision, and inform you about what actions can be taken to preserve it, so that your eyes stay healthy and your vision is as clear as it can possibly be.


While you are here, you can quickly get information about these eyesight issues members of the NHOA feel are especially important for people in the Granite State:

You will also find links to information about the other conditions and diseases of the eye that optometrists deal with on a daily basis, as well as a link to find a professional eye doctor near you, if you are not seeing one already.

The information on this website is offered as part of a public information campaign supported by NHOA member donations, grants, and funding from vision-related corporations. It is extended thanks to broadcasters across the Granite State, in order that you, your family members, and every resident of New Hampshire gets as close to healthy 20/20 vision as possible in 2020, and beyond.